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About the Applied Engineering Technology Program

The Applied Engineering Technology (AET) program at BCTHS is a rigorous field of study 

designed to lead students to a technical career, or to enter a college engineering program. 


We provide an interdisciplinary approach that integrates electronic, mechanical, and computer engineering. 


Students receive training in electricity and electronics, computers, networking, cyber security,

alternative energy, robotics, industrial controls, automation, and fabrication. 


We strongly believe in producing well-rounded engineers and technicians that understand the 

high tech electronic, mechanical, and computer systems found in business and industry. 


We challenge our students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills,

pushing them to become the innovators of the future. 


Upon graduation, many of our students earn the CompTIA, SEI, OSHA,

and Certified Electronic Technician credentials, as well as college credits.

Electronics Technology and Green Energy

Atomic theory, AC/DC circuits, semiconductors, analog/digital circuits, solar, wind, and alternative energy. 

Mechatronics Technology/Robotics

Electricity and electronics, communications, mechanical systems, PLC's, and robotics. 

Computer Technology and Cyber Security

Computer hardware, software, operating systems, networking, and cyber security.

Sustainable Energy Learning Center

Our outdoor classroom is fully equipped with solar and wind power equipment. 

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